The benefits of hot and cold therapy.

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At Cryo Shield Therapy we believe (and have witnessed) the positive affects of using thermotherapy and cold therapy together. We apply this hot + cold alternating therapy through infrared sauna and cryotherapy sessions. Both therapies are non-invasive and take advantage of your body’s natural ability to heal itself as a response to different environments.

What is thermotherapy?

Thermotherapy is heat therapy. Heat therapy can be applied in various different ways. Many of us apply heat therapy directly through the use of heat pads or hot baths. Another way to apply heat is through infrared saunas by use of infrared panels that emit invisible light with sessions lasting on average between 20-40 minutes. When heat is applied to the body, the blood circulation is increased bringing in more oxygen and nutrients while it flushing out waste.

What is cold therapy?

Cold therapy can also be applied in various ways. Most common has been the water bath filled with ice that you might have used if you were involved in sports or you’ve probably at least seen in movies and on tv. Cryotherapy is a more effective and tolerable cold therapy that uses dry cold to decrease inflammation. This cold therapy is only 3 minutes or less and is commonly used for pain relief, muscle recover, and boosting your mood.

How can alternating between hot and cold therapy benefit me?

Hot and cold therapy is also known as contrast therapy. It is believed that using the heat and cold successively can alter pain signals traveling to and from your brain. By using both therapies, the production of heat shock proteins and cold shock proteins are stimulated for muscle recovery and a boosted immune system. We recommend using cryotherapy first to decrease inflammation and then the infrared sauna for increased blood flow (it’s also nice to end the sessions a little hot than cold). Our clients come from various backgrounds to enjoy the benefits of thermotherapy and cold therapy including those who:

  • Felt constant pain from disease or inflammation and weren’t able to find relief.

  • Are very active in their profession or hobbies and needed a therapy to help their muscle recovery.

  • Had aches and pains in their joints and wanted a non-surgical solution.

  • Wanted to feel great without medicines and invasive procedures.

The Hot + Cold Pack

We offer an exclusive hot + cold pack for new clients. Experience the power of not only infrared saunas and cryotherapy but the benefits of using them both. With this pack you receive 3 Infrared Sauna Sessions + 2 Cryotherapy Sessions for only $99!

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