5 Tips for Pain-Free Running & Recovery


Cool down and stretch.  

This is a step that many people fail to remember to do, but it is probably the most important way to prevent soreness and injuries.  Once you finish each run, take 15 minutes to stretch and lower your heart rate. Stretching your quads, hamstrings, and calves are the largest muscles to target, but because running is a full body workout, it is best to take that extra 15 minutes to stretch all the muscles.


Drinking enough water before and after is crucial to not only recover, but also have an incredible run.  This is why you must drink enough water prior to your run to prevent cramping, but also drink enough after to prevent dehydration and slow down recovery.  If it is an especially hot day or you are going for a longer run, it is also important to either carry a water bottle with you or run in an area that has water access along the way.  While drinks like Gatorade are good in replenishing electrolytes that are lost, it also contains a lot of sugar that we would not recommend consuming.  Water truly is always best!

Proper running shoes

As crazy as it sounds, the type of shoe you wear while running makes all the difference in the run itself as well as injury prevention.  However, each person is different, therefore it’s important to do your research in deciding which sneaker is best for you.  For example, one person may prefer a Nike brand of shoe, while another prefers an Asics brand.  We would suggest visiting a running store and asking a specialist there to find the perfect shoe for you.  Also, keep in mind that you should replace your shoes after a certain number of mileage.  Just like a car needs an oil change after a certain number of miles, so does your shoes!


Cryotherapy is the ultimate full body form of recovery to ensure you are getting in a great run each time, and speeds up your recovery post-run.  Here in San Diego, Cryo Shield Therapy is able to meet your run recovery needs in just three minutes.  Cryotherapy reduces the inflammation that running causes in your body, as well as boosts energy levels so you can give each run 100%.  We recommend coming in for a session after your run, but we do have people who enjoy a session before their run for an energy boost.  We suggest finding what works best for you!


Finally, NormaTec system for the legs is our favorite way to reduce soreness post-run.  When you run, lactic acid builds up in the body, which is what causes sore muscles.  NormaTecs are sleeves that go on the legs and form around them through air compression to swiftly remove that lactic acid buildup as well as improve circulation.  You can find NormaTecs at many sporting events for immediate post-recovery because of how quickly they reduce soreness and cramping.  Here at Cryo Shield, we have NormaTec systems for the legs, hips, and arms, therefore catering to any area of soreness

So there you have our top tips to improve your running abilities and prevent any injuries.  Stop by to receive 50% OFF your first cryotherapy session or a free Normatec session so we can show you how much these two things can improve your run!

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