Ice Bath vs Cryotherapy


Ice Bath vs Cryotherapy

Cryotherapy has been touted as the modern version of an ice bath. So it’s no surprise that there is a common misconception that an ice bath and cryotherapy offer the same benefits and drawbacks. While it is true that both methods aid in recovery, cryotherapy offers more extensive benefits while having a more comfortable experience. So what exactly are the differences between ice baths and cryotherapy? Let’s take a look!

Cryotherapy Ice Baths Aids in muscle recovery, autoimmune diseases, and recovery from injuries Aids in muscle recovery Dry therapy of liquid nitrogen (dry cold) Ice and water (wet cold) Only felt on skin; no penetration Penetrates skin No recovery time needed so can be used at any time Recovery time needed for muscles after therefore needs to be strategically planned Increases collagen production No change in collagen production No risk of hyperthermia Risk of hyperthermia -130 to -185 degrees F 45 degrees F Duration is 3 minutes maximum Duration is 15-20 minutes Improves blood circulation No improvement in blood circulation

Comparing the two, cryotherapy offers many more benefits, including more comfort, than ice baths. Here in San Diego, Cryo Shield offers cryotherapy with multiple package options to cater to your every need. Stop by today for a session or just to pop in to ask any questions you may have at our wellness center in Del Mar!

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