What is NormaTec?

What is NormaTec?

NormaTec is the latest and fastest form of recovery for athletes of all levels. In as little as ten minutes, you will notice a dramatic reduction in any soreness, cramping, or fatigue associated with any activity that can wear on your body. The NormaTec uses what is known as PULSE technology to compress air on the legs, arms, or hips; which massages the muscles, improves circulation, and reduces lactic acid buildup. These benefits all lead to quick recovery in between activities such as after an activity has been completed like after completion of a marathon or in between sets like for a volleyball game.

What happens when you use the NormaTec?

During your NormaTec session, the controlled unit pushes air out to inflate the sleeves that then form to your limbs. The sleeves fill with compressed air to massage your legs, arms, or hips, depending on which sleeve attachment you choose to use. The compression feels similar to what is experienced while using a cuff to take blood pressure. The NormaTec sleeves squeeze each body part to optimize circulation and remove the lactic acid buildup. The NormaTec will alternate between compression and release, resulting is a sort of massage as it works its way up your limbs.

Stop by CryoShield in San Diego to try the NormaTec for free for your first session*! We also have NormaTec memberships available, as well as walk in sessions, which are $1 per minute. We look forward to seeing you!

*Exclusions apply.