Cryo Shield Therapy Reviews and Testimonials

San Diego, California

Wellness Members

"Cryo Shield helped my rolled ankle that would have taken 2-3 weeks to recover. It was such a dramatic help I was able to have a light workout 24 hours later. The combination of Infrared sauna, normatec compression and cryotherapy not only has me performing better but sleeping better too!" -Mario C.


“Not only does it make me feel energized and refreshed, the staff influences that exact same feeling.” - Greg

“As a cyclist, cryo helps me recover and feel better than I ever thought possible.” - Steve F.

“Boost of energy, reduced inflammation in muscles, improved blood flow, weight management.” - Kyle L.

“I love cryotherapy because of the energy boost after every session and because of the fabulous people that work at Cryo Shield!” - Jordan

“It makes me feel great and the machines and staff at Cryo Shield are heads and shoulders above the competition!” - Travis


“I have fractured both my hip and back in the past year and the compression really helps with swelling, circulation, and is great post physio.” - Mavis

“I am an avid runner and workout junkie, and started learning about and trying NormaTec a few months ago and found my recovery time is a lot shorter. It is relaxing and I need all the recovery help I can get as I age, but still love to workout.” - Paula B

Infrared Sauna

"I really love the dry heat and invigorated feeling after the session. The mental clarity is amazing and helps me keep focused for longer periods of time." - Shannon R.

"I loved the infrared sauna. I cant believe I feel 1,000,000x better than I did this morning!" - Erik K