Cryo Shield Therapy Reviews and Testimonials

“I have fractured both my hip and back in the past year and the compression really helps with swelling, circulation, and is great post physio.” - Mavis

“I am an avid runner and workout junkie, and started learning about and trying NormaTec a few months ago and found my recovery time is a lot shorter. It is relaxing and I need all the recovery help I can get as I age, but still love to workout.” - Paula B

“Not only does it make me feel energized and refreshed, the staff influences that exact same feeling.” - Greg

“As a cyclist, cryo helps me recover and feel better than I ever thought possible.” - Steve F.

“Boost of energy, reduced inflammation in muscles, improved blood flow, weight management.” - Kyle L.

“I love cryotherapy because of the energy boost after every session and because of the fabulous people that work at Cryo Shield!” - Jordan

“It makes me feel great and the machines and staff at Cryo Shield are heads and shoulders above the competition!” - Travis