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Many of us all have stubborn fat or cellulite that bothers us. Cryoskin Slimming & Toning are great non-invasive treatments for taking care of areas that need a little help. From toning your legs for cute shorts to killing the fat around your waist, Cryoskin can be the perfect option for you! With the Summer Slimdown, we also include Infrared Sauna sessions to support your body goals.

What is the Summer Slimdown package?

Cryo Shield Therapy in San Diego utilizes new Cryoskin technology and Infrared Saunas to tone and slim the body. It’s a package to prepare you for summer or upcoming vacations! Cryoskin uses freezing temperatures to either kill fat (slimming) or boost collagen (toning). With this program you will choose which treatment you would like to receive and the area of the body. Our most requested treatments are slimming for stomach and toning for legs. After your Cryoskin session, you will then enter one of our Infrared Saunas for up to 40 minutes. The Infrared Sauna uses infrared light to warm the body directly. This heat then causes your heart rate to go up (burning calories) and allows for a faster blood flow which increases the dispelling of toxins (and fat) in the lymphatic drainage system.

How does the Summer Slimdown package work?

Whether you have purchased the package or not, you will meet with a specialist for a complimentary consultation. This consultation allows us to get to know your goals so that we can better help you get there! Slimming or toning? We will help you move forward with what is best for you. You will receive 4 Cryoskin sessions and 4 Infrared Sauna sessions total. We will schedule you to come in to our Del Mar location. We recommend coming in every two weeks to get the most out of your package in the fastest amount of time. Our Cryoskin appointments book up quickly so by scheduling appointments beforehand, we can make sure you are getting your sessions in the most beneficial intervals.

How much does Summer Slimdown cost?

The package is $1,000 and is valued at over $1,300. See regular pricing here for services.

- Complimentary consultation with a specialist.
- 4 Cryoskin sessions (toning or slimming in area of choice).
- 4 Infrared Sauna sessions.
- Recommendation: cryoskin treatment followed by the infrared sauna every two weeks.
- *BONUS* for a limited time receive 25% off one in-store purchase from VAN DE VORT. Perfect for shopping after your Summer Slimdown.

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CryoSlimming - for that fat you just can’t seem to lose

Cryoskin uses low temperatures to freeze and destroy fat cells without damaging your skin or body (just the fat!).  Over the next two weeks following the treatment, your body will continue to lose fat as the fat cells are flushed through the lymphatic system. Though results can be seen immediately after the first session, results do vary and we recommend 3-6 treatments.

CryoToning & CryoFacials- a collagen booster for more youthful skin

Cryoskin Toning sessions are commonly used for facials or spot treatment to get rid of cellulite. Cold temperatures widen the blood vessels and increase oxygen supply. This boosts collagen production which breaks down cellulite, leaving you with smoother and tighter skin. When used for a facial, the collagen boost reduces the appearance of wrinkles and skin cell turnover is increased (exfoliation) revealing more youthful skin.


Results vary from person to person. Best results are seen from multiple treatments. Cryoskin is intended for spot fat reducation and is not a weight loss solution.